Payment Guide

We use an Invisible Receptionist system to keep costs affordable. This means you can schedule and make your payment on your own!

We ask our clients to pay before your session so you can make your exit that much more blissful.

Step 1. Grab a client payment slip at the desk and your practitioner envelope.

Step 2. Decide the amount you can afford (Use our handy Payment Chart).

Step 3. Fill out the slip with your name, amount that you are paying, and check the box of the service that you are receiving.

Step 4. Place money or cheque into the envelope with the payment slip. For cheque payers, please use the Six Degrees stamp at the desk.

Step 5. Add notes or feedback if you wish. There are post-its at the desk.

Step 6. Do not seal envelope, we re-use them! (If needed, use a paperclip provided)

Step 7. Place Envelope in the green deposit box in your far right.

Step 8. Done! Book your next appointment on the iPad if you want!