(Co)-Regulation and Understanding the Body’s Wisdom

(Co)-Regulation and Understanding the Body’s Wisdom
Experiential somatic workshop
Saturday November 26th
8 people max
By donation. Suggested donation: $5-15
Sign up: info@sixdegreeshealth.ca or call 416.866.8484

Our new Somatic practitioner Aisha Tambo will be a running an introductory workshop to explore how high levels of stress and traumatic energy stuck in the body can impact our daily lives. The focus will be on the nervous system; regulation; dysregulation; and a few tips that can help. The workshop will be experiential and may involve working with a partner.

Aisha Tambo

Aisha Tambo, Somatic Experiencing practitioner

Aisha Tambo is trained in Somatic Experiencing┬« (S.E.), a potent body oriented approach to the healing of trauma. I’ve also recently completed my training to become a Reiki practitioner. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and experience of this material in the hopes that it might shed some new light on our exquisite existence as human beings and our collective experience.

Aisha’s Somatic Experiencing practice is different from Nazbah’s Generative Somatics. One of the differences is that they use different hands-on approaches and have different political analysis of trauma. So if you have previously come to Nazbah’s PWYC sessions before, you might still want to try this one out to see how they are different!