Sthiram Sukham Asanam (Hatha Yoga Class)

Sthiram Sukham Asanam -( Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra )-

Happiness in the stillness of the Asana

Yoga class facilitated by Dr. Anjali

Please note that the last class of this by-donation series will be on April 20th. A new series of classes will start in June. Click here for more info!

Twice a week
Every Monday 5:30-6:30pm (Starting March 13th) & Thursdays 11am-12nn*
at Six Degrees Movement Studio
*Check our classes calendar for any schedule changes and updates
By donation. Suggested Donation: $5 / class
Sign up: or call 416-866-8484


Yoga is not just about postures, but a way of life

It involves many practices including Yama – Rules, Niyama – Regulations, Pranayama – Breath Control and Asanas- Postures
Yoga practice consists of five key elements: proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking. The yoga postures or ‘asanas’ are designed to ease muscular tension, tone internal organs and improve flexibility of the body’s joints and ligaments

Yoga can be practised both as a fitness routine as well as used therapeutically. For both, an instructor is needed initially to help learn and to supervise, helping you train your body after which one is encouraged to practice often on their own for maximum benefit.

Relaxation and Flexibility are the main targets of a yoga session. So don’t worry if you are not in shape, yoga will gently, with enough rest between Asanas, bring your body to the supple postures you see in charts

Breathing practice or Pranayama is a wonderful way of keeping the nasal tract clear and desensitising it to the cold, pollen, dust etc. It also helps calm the mind and sharpen its focus
Pranayama is a wonderful way to start a session of meditation, for those of you who are interested in pursuing it

A special Yogic practice called Trataka can help with eye strain and can reduce the weakening of eye musculature

The yoga taught is based on Hatha, helping each person find their potential and encouraging the body to stretch and strengthen.

The ante-natal classes focus on gently providing support to the hips, breathing and overall circulation, so that the pregnancy is enjoyable and the birth itself is as easy and relaxed as possible

Dr Anjali is a second generation homeopath who has come from a very busy holistic practice which she shared with her mother in India. Anjali started learning at a young age as her mother inspired her to follow a similar route in health care. She began her career in holistic sciences with a Teachers certificate in Yoga. She was fifteen years old and the youngest in her class, and has been practising and teaching Yoga ever since.