Work Exchange Program


Six Degrees is currently seeking applicants to our Work Exchange Program. Participants of the Work Exchange Program receive Community Acupuncture treatments in trade for their labour. One weekly four-hour shift earns you a one-hour community acupuncture treatment valued at $75. For professional service such as graphic design, we trade with workers at a negotiated rate based on their professional fee. Check out this article and this article to learn more about the values behind our work exchange program. We especially encourage people of colour, Indigenous Peoples and trans folks who could benefit from our work exchange program to apply. All practitioners are registered and certified to practice in Ontario. We acknowledge that our healing-based practice occurs on contested Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabe First Nations land.

Six Degrees Health is seeking applicants who are:

• Willing to make a six-month to one-year commitment to a regular weekly shift
• Able to work daytime, afternoon or evening shifts


#1 Office Assistant
#2 Cleaner
#3 Promotional Flyering Team
#4 Handy Person
#5 Social Media Assistant
#6 Graphic Designer

Click on the position or see below for job descriptions.

#1 Office Assistant (OA)
Hours: 4 hours per week, regular weekly shift

Six Degrees is an integrative health hub that is trans, queer, all bodies* and sizes positive, and works within an anti-oppressive framework. Office Assistants are the clients’ first point of contact with Six Degrees Health whether in person or via phone. They must be able to meet the demands of working in a busy environment while also being present to client’s needs as the first point of care when people arrive at Six Degrees.

Responsibilities include:
• Greeting and welcoming clients
• Orienting clients to our services and payment system
• Booking appointments by email, phone, and in-person
• Organizing client files and updating the online database
• Answering phone inquires and responding to emails
• Attending to daily tasks, as required

• Excellent communications skills
• Must be approachable, dependable, and punctual for shifts
• Comfortable supporting clients by phone, email, and in-person
• Experience with computers and Google Apps
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy
• Must have excellent organizational skills and be able to multi-task
• Can manage stress and work in an active, busy environment
• Will be required to move throughout our space during their shift – front lobby, clinic space and back offices – in order to complete tasks
• Do occasional errands, as needed
• Must have good interpersonal skills
• Willing to receive constructive feedback and supervision
• Able to work independently and as part of a team

• Familiar with or interested in acupuncture and/or holistic health services
• Front desk, reception, and/or customer service experience
• Past volunteer and/or community-based experience
• Experience working within an anti-oppression framework that recognizes and addresses the impact of discrimination on our health and wellness
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#2 Cleaners
Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week

Six Degrees is a community health clinic that maintains high standard of cleanliness to reflect our commitment to health, wellness, and peacefulness.

Cleaners maintain this by:
• Working during times that do not conflict with clinic hours
• Using our cleaning supplies and reporting when they need replacing
• Keeping track of completed task on a written checklist

Skills needed:
• Attention to detail
• Reliability
• Maintain a tidy environment
• Follows health and safety precautions at all times

Experience with professional cleaning services is preferred, but not necessary.
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#3 Promotional Flyering Team
Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week (seasonal)

Six Degrees promotes our services using different methods, including placing flyers, business cards and postcards in local businesses, and posting flyers at community boards.

The flyering team will:

• Pick up work assignment, materials and equipment at Six Degrees
• Flyering in the neighbourhood and travel to locations by their own means
• Provide a record of their completed work assignments

Skills needed:
• Willing to travel to various locations throughout the city
• Comfortable approaching business owners and staff members
• Post promotional materials in accordance to instructions
• Use a staple gun
• Follows health and safety precautions at all times
• Represent Six Degrees Health in a respectful and courteous manner

Experience with promotional flyering is preferred, but not necessary.

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#4 Handy Person
Hours: As needed

Six Degrees is seeking a Handy Person to carry out simple repair and construction tasks, including but not limited to:

• Maintaining reclining chairs
• Ceiling light bulb changes
• Fan repair and maintenance
• Simple plumbing work
• Constructing and hanging shelves, bookcases, etc.

Skills needed:
• Light construction experience
• Basic plumbing experience
• Comfortable on tall ladders
• Follow health and safety precautions at all times

Owning your own tools is an asset, but not necessary.
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#5 Social Media Assistant
Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week

Help Six Degrees spread the word about its services through Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other social media platforms.

Social Media Assistants do this by:
• Working with co-owners and office manager to come up with a social media work plan
• Composing effective social media posts that reflect the values of Six Degrees
• Working from home mostly and reporting weekly to the team
• Keeping track of completed task on an online checklist

Skills needed:
• Attention to detail in writing
• Experience with marketing and social media
• Understanding of Six Degrees’ values and its brand

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#6 Graphic Designer
Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week (as needed)

Help develop and design marketing and promotional materials

Responsibilities include:
• Designing workshop posters, brochures and flyers based on Six Degrees’ branding and design templates
• Proofreading materials to ensure accurate copy
• Working from home mostly and reporting to the team as needed
• Communicating with staff team

Skills needed:
• Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
• Access to their own computer and design programs
• Proven ability to meet deadlines
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy
• Excellent written and communication skills
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal and problem solving skills
• Willing to contribute ideas and receive constructive feedback
• Able to work independently with minimal supervision

• Work experience in graphic design
• Experience in working with community-based programs
• Interest in holistic health and community acupuncture

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1. Please complete this application form
2. Email your application and résumé to or drop off your application and résumé 204 Spadina Avenue, 1st floor

For enquiries, please email or call 416-866-8484.

*Accessibility Info

We regret that Six Degrees is not currently wheelchair accessible. Our clinic is located on the second floor of a building without an elevator. There is one step from the sidewalk to the building’s front door, and a flight of 11 steps to our clinic. If you need assistance, please contact us.

We offer two all-gender washrooms. The smaller washroom is accessible to folks using canes and similar assistive devices. The larger washroom in the back of the clinic is accessible to folks using folding/non-folding walkers.

We use light blocking curtains in our front lobby and clinic during daytime hours; and we maintain low lighting during evening hours. Clients are welcome to use provided eye masks and earplugs while receiving treatments.

We ask clients not use scented products and respect our fragrance-free space but the clinic is not entirely scent free as we do use moxa and sage or other medicines to smudge.

To learn more about our location and space accessibility, please visit