Integrating Grief, Together

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Integrating Grief, Together
An 8 week group

Healing and support for grief and grieving

Oct 13 – Dec 1, 2016
Every Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm
Six Degrees Movement Studio
Light meal included

Cost: $360, $480 or $600 for the series, as much as you could afford.
This breaks down to $45, $60 or $75 per night or $15, $20 or $25 per hour.
With 8 people signed up we will have space for 2 people to do it for free.
Sign up at
All inquiries welcome, so email us if you can afford to pay some but can’t afford to pay these rates.

“Integrating Grief, Together – an 8 week group” is a series of workshops that meets the needs of those living with active or dormant grief in their lives.  As a group we share our experiences, we meet the aches of grief with courage and support and we work with Traditional medicines and mindful presence to hold space and release the aches in our souls.
After embracing that grief could not be gotten “over” nor gotten “through,” Lamia developed this series of workshops combining each participant’s innate wisdom with grief theory exercises, Acupuncture, East Asian Medicine, and a supportive group environment designed to share our stories.  Together we build skills and tools for coping with and integrating the agony that is grief and grieving.  Lamia believes that when we feel the phenomenal ache of our dead we can build up our hearts to love again, not how we used to love but with the incredible capacity that is possible when we have held their deaths in our souls.
Helena Frank has joined Lamia in co-convening these groups after coming to a similar truth that all grief can be worked “with”, it has to, for it is here whether we want to work with it or not.  Using her shamanic training Helena offers tools to clear and expel the grief, making space for other parts of life to take up space and offering us relief and confidence that we can use to weather the storms as they come, be they anticipated or surprising.
What to expect
Meeting up once a week on Thursday nights to share food, stories, skills and space for the purpose of integrating grief, building resiliency and letting love happen.
We will work with Traditional East Asian Medicine (Acupuncture, Meridian Stretching and Food Energetics), Collective Wisdom, Shamanic Practice, Buddhist based mindfulness practice and the truth of the strength of our souls to integrate and learn more about how to cope with grief and grieving.
It’s all coming together, as we unravel we find where we connect again.
This 8 week series will create space to feel and heal grief and grieving. We will deepen an understanding of how grief and grieving impacts us individually and collectively according to principles of Traditional East Asian Medicine. We will also work with Shamanic Practitioner Helena Frank to clear energy/emotion and be held in meeting pain and releasing what holds us back from loving fully. The skills you learn in this group can stay with you for a lifetime, this is information you can share and that you can return to time and again. We will invite you to bring what you already know, perhaps practices that are specific for you culturally or habits that just feel aligned with how you support grief. If you feel comfortable, no pressure, you will be welcome to share that which has supported you.
Our intentions
We do not want to cover over or replace anything that serves you. This group intends to offer you skills or add to the ones you already have for when you feel at a loss for how to deal with the death of your loved ones.
What you will take home with you
You will learn how to be with some of the most painful parts of life and loss. You will leave with increased awareness and be better equipped to navigate the predictable and unpredictable path that is grieving those we love. Over the course of 8 weeks you will have the time and support to delve to the depths you can manage and integrate the ache of loss.
Who is this for?
This group is for anyone who is grieving the death of a friend, family member, partner or significant person in your life.
In conclusion
If this group might fit for you or someone you know please be in touch to register or ask questions.
For more info and updates you can connect with the facebook event here or contact Lamia directly at
To register please email: or call: 416-866-8484

Cost: $360, $480 or $600 for the series, as much as you could afford.This breaks down to $45, $60 or $75 per night or $15, $20 or $25 per hour. With 8 people signed up we will have space for 2 people to do it for free.

All inquiries welcome, so email us if you can afford to pay some but can’t afford to pay these rates.

Breakdown of funds – what does the cost pay for?
10% of all funds to Native Men’s Residence – to honour and pay respect to the land we are on and the Smudging that may be used during the group we will be offering
15% of funds go to pay rent and expenses at Six Degrees
5% is for material for the group
25% goes to pay for food and for Heather Rule, Registered Acupuncturist, who will be making Energetically intentional food for us each night
22.5% of all funds got to Lamia and Helena for their role in the group.
We offer this understanding of the trail of funds as a way to empower us all in the knowing of how money gets used to make groups like this happen. We can make it work, be sustainable, share resources and heal. We can do it with community.
Before death takes away what you are given, give away what is there to give. — Rumi

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