The following rates are effective as of December 3rd, 2018

Community Acupuncture

Service Rate (HST exempt)
Initial Visit with Treatment (incl. assessment fee) $65
Community Acupuncture (SD Style) $50
Community Acupuncture (POCA Style) $30


Service Rate (HST exempt)
One time (45-60 min) $15

Private Appointments

Practitioner Service Rate (HST exempt or included)
Lamia First Acupuncture Only (Initial Visit) $85
Lamia Acupuncture Only (55 min) $70
Lamia Shiatsu (55 min) $125
Lamia Food/Nutrition Consultation $55
Susanda Private Acupuncture Alignment Treatment (60 min) $100
Susanda First Private Acupuncture Alignment Treatment (Initial Visit | 75 min) $115

For all other practitioners and their services please check out their profiles or contact them directly to inquire about their rates.

Administrative Fees

Service Rate
Replacement of receipts/Bookkeeping/Administrative Fee $30-60 depending on volume. Please email us to inquire