Our fees will be adjusted as of December 3rd. Click here to read about the changes.

The following rates are effective as of December 3rd, 2019

Community Acupuncture

Service Rate (HST exempt)
Initial Visit with Treatment (incl. assessment fee) $65
Community Acupuncture $30
Community Acupuncture with Health Education $50


Service Rate (HST exempt)
One time (45-60 min) $15

Private Appointments

Practitioner Service Rate (HST exempt or included)
Lamia Initial Visit with Treatment (incl. assessment fee) $85
Lamia Acupuncture Only (55 min) $70
Lamia Shiatsu (55 min) $125
Lamia Food/Nutrition Consultation $55

For all other practitioners and their services please check out their profiles or contact them directly to inquire about their rates.

Administrative Fees

Service Rate
Replacement of receipts/Bookkeeping/Administrative Fee $30-60 depending on volume. Please email us to inquire