At Six Degrees, we offer a sliding scale for most of our services. Read about our engaged economic system if you need help deciding what to pay within the sliding scale :)

Please note that at the moment we only accept cash or cheque. Rates effective June 1st, 2016

Community Acupuncture

Service Rate (HST exempt)
One time only Assessment Fee (1st appt. is 75 min) $15
Regular Treatment (1 hr) $75-30 sliding scale
Additional treatments within current week (45-60 min) $35-15 sliding scale


Service Rate (HST exempt)
One time (45-60 min) $15
5-Session Pass $65

Private Appointments

Practitioner Service Rate (HST exempt or included)
Lamia One time only Assessment Fee (for all first-time clients) $15
Lamia Acupuncture Only (55 min) $70-50
Lamia Acupuncture/ Cupping/ Moxa (55 min) $90-75
Lamia Shiatsu (55 min) $125-100
Lamia Food/Nutrition Consultation $70-50

For all other practitioners and their services please check out their profiles or contact them directly to inquire about their rates. Every practitioner at Six Degrees has sliding scale spaces reserved for those of us who need it. Please do not hesitate to mention your need to use the sliding scale.

Administrative Fees

Service Rate
Replacement of receipts/Bookkeeping/Administrative Fee $30-60 depending on volume. Please email us to inquire