Rejuvenative Sound Bath Series

Rejuvenative Sound Bath Series:
Bridging Therapeutic Sound Traditions from South Asian, Africa, Tibet, and Turtle Island

Offered and facilitated by M. Jet Feather & nisha ahuja
Postponed to 2017 (Date TBA)
By donation: $15-25 sliding scale
RSVP: or call 416.844.8484

dsc_0753-sound-bathJoin us for the first in a series of on-going therapeutic sound baths. Traditional wisdom, ancient practices, and more recently modern science, tell us that the essential nature of our material world is vibration. In this session we will engage in a fundamental exploration of the vibrational aspects of rejuvenation and attunement of the physical, energetic, and subtle bodies using sound as our main tool. Facilitators will use vocal toning that includes Mantras (seed sounds) and other earth-based vocalization, what we call “Earth instruments”, traditional instruments, and harmonics for this immersive experience. The attunement will be focused on the major Nadis (energy channels) and 7 main Chakras (energy centers).

While the session will contain a combination of information sharing and discussion, this session is mainly a collective therapeutic sound bath experience offered by the facilitators as a pathway for activating self-healing possibilities, clearing, and releasing wounds and stuck energy. Nourishment, replenishment, and re-connection with Mother Earth is the journey that we will enter together.

M. Jet Feather is an integrative health and wellness practitioner, youth and adult community worker, multi-disciplinary designer/artist and experimental musician. Her work is rooted in the intersectionality of healing, spirituality, alternative education, racial and economic justice. She has been a mindfulness-vipassana meditation and Vajrayana Buddhist pracitioner in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since 2001. Her root teachers are H. E. Venerable Khandro Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Wangyal Tenzin Rinpoche along with many amazing others. She loves to support people in their healing journeys through the integration of therapeutic sound, bodywork, life envisioning, shamanic/earth-based practices, and spiritual development guidance. Her integrative approach combines a long-term mind-body practice and study with several Tibetan, Peruvian, and Chinese masters. Jet’s therapeutic sound practice has developed from 30 years of combined Western music study along with West African drumming, shamanic/earth-based sound healing study, and spirit-led intuitive/improvisational music composition from her African/Turtle Island Indigenous ancestors.

nisha ahuja shares Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Reiki and Attmic Energy Healing and is also an actor, physical theatre creator, playwright, singer/songwriter, and art, wellness, and justice educator/facilitator, having shared these offerings across Canada, the USA the Netherlands, and India. She is dedicated to dissolving the boundaries between art, traditional/ancient medicines, spirituality, and politic, and believes that art and healing practices are revolutionary and fundamental to our collective liberation.

nisha is currently completing training as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist (graduating candidate) at CAISH (Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing). nisha is known in Toronto for sharing her Self-Healing Through Yoga Series several times a year, co-manifesting the Ayu-Yog Meditation Retreat For Women and Trans Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Colour (with Sairupa Krishnamurti), as a facilitator/member of Brown Girls Yoga Collective, and her summer series of Yoga in Dufferin Grove Park, as well as across North America for her workshops on wellness, spirituality, theatrical practices, justice, racial justice, and addressing cultural appropriation. Alongside collaborator/contributor Melissa Moore, a Black and Cherokee justice, healing, and Dharma practitioner, and other Yoga and justice facilitators with Bending Towards Justice, nisha continues to bring these offerings to yoga and dharma spaces across North America.