Lamia Gibson

Times Available

Thu 12-6


$95-120 / 70 min
$115-145 / 85 min

HST exempt

Part Shiatsu treatment, Part Acupuncture, the combination of these two medicines is divine!  Receiving Shiatsu kickstarts the flow of Qi in your system, the pressure from Shiatsu will relax your body and address injuries or illness.  Moving into an acupuncture session already relaxed form Shiatsu allows the needles to sink a bit deeper, thus offering your being a profound healing experience.  Lamia has combined these two for a deeply relaxing healing experience.  In one hour you will receive 20 min of shiatsu followed by a 30 min acupuncture session.  In one and a half hours you receive 45 min of shiatsu and 35 min of Acupuncture.