Eastern Nutrition Consultation

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Lamia Gibson

Times Available

Wed 3-7pm
Friday 3-8pm



Eastern nutrition is a core foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Food is Medicine. Certain foods boost Qi, clear pathogens in the body, or support Kidney function much like herbs or certain acupuncture points. We are not calorie counting or measuring fat content. Rather, Eastern nutrition looks at the energetics of food, how you’re eating, and how that food interacts with your body’s Qi (life force). There are no absolutes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sugar is not always “bad” and tofu is not always “good”. Food choices and suggestions are carefully considered in relation to the uniqueness of an individual and their health pattern. When you come in to see a practitioner for a food assessment, we will ask you to keep a food diary for one week. The purpose of this diary is not to create stress around what you eat or don’t eat. Instead, the information you record will help the practitioner assess how the food you eat interact with your health concerns. It also allows for dietary recommendations that help support your health and well-being. We hope this diary also fosters awareness around food choices and how dietary habits affect your overall health and day-to-day enjoyment of life. At Six Degrees Health, we see food as a source of pleasure, fuel and medicine. We want our clients to foster an enjoyable, positive and knowledgeable relationship with their food.