Susanda Yee - Student Acupuncturist
Susanda Yee

Susanda Yee, Student Acupuncturist & Co-owner




Community Acupuncture

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Tue | 2-5:30
Thu | 2-5:30


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"I love to relieve pain and correct structural imbalances (spinal, qi, power)."
I have practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for the last 18 years and worked as a community acupuncturist for the last 11 years at the first community acupuncture clinic in Canada. I am now back at school to upgrade and enrich my training in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. I welcome this opportunity to review and learn more about this wondrous medicine. To study it again and to look at it with old eyes but a young heart – like a new (old) lover I want to get to know again.
While I am in full-time study I will continue to work two days a week, and under the supervision of Jen Bowers, registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner.
I have learned much in the way of how trauma and stress are expressed through physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I believe acupuncture to be an effective treatment for healing by restoring balance to emotions, organs and vital energy.

I help people with the following issues:

  • Body Pain
  • Digestive problems
    Stress, anxiety, and depression
    Reproductive and gynecological health
    Boosting immunity and energy
    Managing side effects of drugs and medication