Jen Bowers, R. TCMP., R. AC - Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbs Practitioner
Jen Bowers, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbs

Jen Bowers, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbs




Community Acupuncture (SD Style)

Times Available

Sat | 12pm to 4pm


See this list for the rate for community acupuncture

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“I love to make babies.”

I am an acupuncturist who also works with Chinese Herbs. I am passionate about Chinese Medicine and love to see the changes it can help people make in their lives. I am dedicated to making acupuncture accessible and available to everyone. I love working with clients to help them achieve their optimum health through acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle choices. I have worked in health education for almost fifteen years, and look forward to spending a lifetime learning about health and healing.