Jocelynn Rodrigues - Energy Healer – Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master // Vibrational Living Support

Energy Healer – Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master // Vibrational Living Support




Usui Holy Fire Reiki – in person sessions
Distance and pet Reiki also available – see my website

Times Available

Mondays 3-9pm
or by appointment for distance sessions


45 minutes - $95
60 minutes - $125
90 minutes - $165
*some sliding scale spots are available, please contact me to discuss availability
The length of time for the session is personal preference - choose what feels best for you. Some folks prefer a longer session as it gives them time to chat more about what may be going on for them. Each Reiki session is catered to you and your needs in that moment.

Health Plan Coverage

"Everything comes together when we know who we are. When we remember who we are, we tap into our truth. This truth transmutes."

My names Jocelynn and my pronouns are they/them. I am here to support folks who are working through their own healing and/or who wish to relax and give their nervous system a chance to re-set. I am equally keen to support folks who have questions about their own soul’s journey and who are looking for a deeper understanding, perspective, or perhaps more clarity and direction in their lives. Whatever your reasons, if you felt drawn to this page it is likely that Reiki shall guide you deeper into remembering who you have always been.

We are all at various stages in life and every moment is valid and holds information. You, your stories, and your experience are valid. I am here to hold space and support you in ways that make sense for you. All that we need exists within us and it is simply a matter of remembering and accessing this wisdom. Reiki helps clear out that which may be clouding our ability to access our own awareness and truth. Reiki helps to facilitate the processing of stored energy and emotions within the body. Reiki goes beyond the intellectual to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric levels, sending love and healing. Reiki supports us to let go of that which no longer serves our being; creating space for that which does. Reiki has been pivotal for me in my own healing journey and I am honoured to work with this energy and share these gifts with others. I look forward to working with you.

For a more information check out the about section of my website. If you would like to know more about Reiki, please visit the FAQ section or send me an email.