Trauma of Money: Deep Justice + Spirit Series by SOMA

Money trauma seriesTrauma of Money: Transforming Depletion + Scarcity, into Abundance and Possibility
with Soma Integrative Wellness (Jet + nisha)

May 17th + 24th (Wednesdays), 6:30-8:30pm
2 session series (with possibility of adding a 3rd)
$30-60 sliding scale for the 2-part series

Pre-registration is required: or call 416.866.8484
Note: It is strongly recommended that participants attend both sessions in order to create the most benefit and build connection with other participants, however, we can do our best to accommodate schedule conflicts if you have a special scheduling need. Please contact the facilitators directly at for accommodation.

MONEY. The ever hyper-complex concept that brings up our pain, our history, our self- doubt, our envy, our hopes, our visions, feeling out-of-control, and even our joy just to name a few. Hearing the word can make our heart beat faster, either from the desire to accumulate it or from the endless and cyclical anxiety that it produces deep within. Currency comes in many forms but MONEY is its own special beast, and as such, it requires its own attention, journey, understanding, and deep healing process.

We live in a “monetary traumatizedsociety and we don’t often have space to understand and build community around its profound impact and the trauma that this powerful tool holds in our bodies, minds, and spirits. This workshop series was designed to connect deeper, uncover, re-learn, and make room for the journeys to building a healthy and liberating relationship to money. The series is for people who are energized to learn, expand, and who are ready to sew the seeds for transforming the feelings of depletion and scarcity, into possibility and abundance.

Money is and has been a prison for so many of us, whether we have privilege and access to it or not. It no longer needs to continue in this way. Whether you are new to these contemplations or have been on a journey for some time, work with money, are supporting marginalized communities connected to money/finances/financial health, or simply want to go deeper with your own individual process, this series will be of great benefit. We hope that you will join us to begin building and expanding individual healthy money spirits while also growing transformative communities that operate from the ground of abundance, support, and energetic reciprocity. Let us grow and expand the healthy communities we envision from the inside out!

Facilitators M. Jet Feather + nisha ahuja have had very different journeys, access, and privilege connected to money and the trauma of money. Both journeys are and have been incredibly important for the development of this series and holding space around this topic. We are so excited to create space with you and look forward to connecting.