Spring Sacred Sound Bath


Spring Sacred Sound Bath:
Rejuvenate, Re-Energize, Re-awaken Your energy centres
Bridging Therapeutic Sound Traditions from Africa, South Asian, Tibet, and Turtle Island

Offered and facilitated by nisha ahuja & M. Jet Feather

March 26th , 2017 (SUNDAY) 7pm to 8:30pm
Sliding Scale $15-30
Register in advance: info@sixdegreeshealth.ca / 416.844.8484

Has the winter dampened your energy or emotions, stagnated your creativity or vitality, or had you in urban hibernation? With Spring arriving let’s get vibed up, release what’s been held, and make room for your innate abundant energy. Traditional wisdom, ancient practices, and more recently modern science, reminds that us that the essential nature of our material world (including us humans) is vibration. In this session, we engage in a basic exploration of attunement connected to the physical, energetic, and subtle bodies using sound as our main tool.

Focused on the major Nadis (energy channels) and 7 main Chakras (energy centers), facilitators will host a discussion followed by an immersive therapeutic sound bath using traditional instruments, vocal toning that includes Mantras (seed sounds) and other earth-based vocalization, singing bowls, and harmonics as a pathway for activating self-healing possibilities, clearing, and releasing wounds and stuck energy.

Let’s vibe up and Connect!