Spring it on! 2016
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Spring It On 2016 – Extended!

Spring it on! 2016 

Extended until the end of Spring! Start any week!

For this year’s Spring it on! cleanse with Six Degrees, we will be offering a package specific to cleansing the liver and strengthening the kidneys for optimal renewal as spring kicks in! Spring is naturally Liver season; our bodies go through a natural detox time. We eat certain foods, receive acupuncture and move rhythmically thus enhancing our bodies inherent cleansing and healing ability. Check out the following info video where we talk about what the cleanse will look like, what you can choose from the services offered at Six Degrees and what it means to spring clean.

Spring it on! with Six Degrees runs for 3 weeks this year until end of Spring. You can start the cleanse anytime you want. The package includes:

2 weeks of preparing and 1 week of cleansing 3
Community Acupuncture treatments (1 per week)
1 food consult with Lamia (in week 1 or 2, time to prepare mentally and practically)
1 info package to support you on your simple food cleanse

Cost: $125 / $185 / $245 Pay as much as you can. Plus optional tinctures (*you buy yourself)

To register or for enquiry: info@sixdegreeshealth.ca | 416-866-8484