Point Zero: Sacred Sound Bath + Acupuncture

Point Zero:

Sacred Sound Bath + Acupuncture

Point zero. Return to the earth. Return to your centre. Return to essential nature.

Bridging Acupuncture with Therapeutic Sound Traditions from Africa, South Asian, Tibet, and Turtle Island

w/ Jet + nisha + Lamia

November 14th, 2017 (Tues)

6:30pm to 8pm

Sliding Scale $25 to $45 (pre-registration required)

*for reduced sliding scale rate please inquire. Limited spots available.

Sign up required: info@sixdegreeshealth.ca | 416.866.8484

Point Zero Sacred Sound Bath Acupuncture

Autumn’s change of season can leave us destabilized and ungrounded, undergoing unrecognized seasonal stressors impacting everything from our nervous system to our digestion to our beautiful hearts. Coupling the grounding + centring Point Zero of acupuncture with attuning to our essential nature and highest vibration through therapeutic sacred sound we invite you to release what’s been held, sink into the earth’s support and our reservoirs of resiliency, making room for our innate abundant energy and resonate with our inner and expansive self!

Traditional wisdom, ancient practices, and more recently modern science, reminds that us that the essential nature of our material world (including us humans) is vibration. In this session, we engage in an exploration of attunement connected to the physical, energetic, and subtle bodies using sound and acupuncture as our main tools.

Point Zero is a centering point. This point offers a connection into one’s central resources.

The ear has been used in Traditional East Asian Medicine for 1000’s of years as a reflection of our whole body.  Looking at the ear we can picture a human body, in fetal position, upside down with the head being the lobe of the ear.  The image of the spine then curls around the edge of the ear with the legs and arms folding into the center.  In the middle of all this is Point Zero.  Point Zero is known to bring us back into harmony of Yin and Yang, return homeostatic balance.

Facilitators will host a discussion followed by your choice of needle or magnet acupuncture on Point Zero and an immersive therapeutic sound bath using traditional instruments, vocal toning that includes Beej Mantras (seed sounds) and other earth-based vocalization, singing bowls, and harmonics as a pathway for activating self-healing possibilities, clearing, and releasing wounds and stuck energy. Let’s connect and Vibe Up!