Love at First Punch (Intro evening class)

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Love at First Punch
A women-affirming boxing class with Jazz “Inferno” Kamal

Every Tuesday evening for 6 weeks!
JuneĀ 13th- July 18th, 2017
Six Degrees movement studio
Cost: $180+HST ($203.40) for the series (i.e. $30 per 1.5 hour class), plus $12.50 to pay at the first class to buy a handwrap.
Sign up required by June 10th Saturday 5pm: or call 416.866.8484
We will send you payment instruction once we confirm with you. Full payment is required before first class begins.

Love at first punch. That’s how Jazz “Inferno” Kamal describes how she fell for boxing back in April 2015. As an athlete, she has always gravitated to the discipline and body endurance of fighting sports. Coming from a Martial Arts background, Jazz is a firm believer in conditioning the mind and body to always push past their limits. Boxing made such an impact on Jazz’s life that she changed careers to become a Boxing Coach. After getting certified and starting her first summer long bootcamp in 2016, there was no looking back. A few years ago, this was only a dream. Jazz now enjoys helping people unleash their inner beast by unlocking all the strength that their body has to offer them through Calisthenics, High-intensity interval and Boxing Training.

Q: Who is the class for?
The class is for beginners and for people with some experience with fitness/boxing. We’ll be going over the basics no matter what so everyone is on the same page. This class welcomes all body types and is designed to be affirming for woman-identified folks (both cisgender and transgender). The class is queer and non-binary friendly!
Jazz has accommodated folks with things like knee problems/back/shoulders issues but she doesn’t have the appropriate certification/resources to train people with differently abled bodies. If you have a question about accessibility, please get in touch with us at and we will find out what’s possible for you.

Q: What is the class like?
A typical class will start with fun cardio based warm ups, then you will be taken through some core & strength training, with emphasis on calisthenicsĀ (using your own body weight to exercise). You will learn a new boxing skill every class. The class will end with either a fun heavy bag or handpad work out!

Q: What should I expect to achieve at the end of the series?
ParticipantsĀ can expect to enhance their endurance, physical strength, and feel their backs and cores get stronger, conquering the perfect push-up. They will learn how to hit safely, how to wrap their hands like a boxer, and absorb basic boxing skills. Most of all, walking with a better posture and feeling an amazing sense of confidence and stress alleviation. Expect to smile lots and make new friends!

Q: I’m not an athlete. Am I suitable for this?

“Fitness is not a state of body, it’s a state of mind. It’s about feeling healthy in all aspects of your life. My top 3 reasons to join this class would be: To discover how strong you ALREADY are and build on it, to get back in your body and feel in control of it, to discover the power of non destructive strength and experience the rush and release of hitting a heavy bag and feeling all the stress melt away.” — Jazz

Q: What do I need to prepare to come to a class?
Comfortable trainers, a bottle of water, workout clothes, a towel.
Participants will need to have handwraps for boxing which are available for sale from the instructor for $12.50 at their first class.