Love at First Punch (Intermediate)

56d9d076ae3de416e1dacb4cca6ccc78s_24Love at First Punch (intermediate Series)
A women-affirming boxing class with Jazz “Inferno” Kamal

Every Tuesday morning for 5 weeks
June 20th – July 18th, 2017
Six Degrees movement studio
Cost: $150+HST ($169.50) for the 5-week series (i.e. $30 per 1.5 hour class)
Sign up required by June 17th (Sat): or call 416.866.8484
We will send you payment instruction once we confirm with you. 

So, now you know how to box, what next? It’s time to take it up a notch this round! We will with be focusing on core strength, high intensity training and developing endurance for 4 rounds. In this cycle of classes we will start exploring footwork, how to connect the upper and lower body to move as one. Time to unleash your inner Rocky! You can sign up to this class as long as you have taken boxing classes before (whether or not with Jazz).

Love at first punch. That’s how Jazz “Inferno” Kamal describes how she fell for boxing back in April 2015. As an athlete, she has always gravitated to the discipline and body endurance of fighting sports. Coming from a Martial Arts background, Jazz is a firm believer in conditioning the mind and body to always push past their limits. Boxing made such an impact on Jazz’s life that she changed careers to become a Boxing Coach. After getting certified and starting her first summer long bootcamp in 2016, there was no looking back. A few years ago, this was only a dream. Jazz now enjoys helping people unleash their inner beast by unlocking all the strength that their body has to offer them through Calisthenics, High-intensity interval and Boxing Training.