Healing Each-other Radically Everyday (4-week Guided Meditation)


• Healing Each-other Radically Everyday •
4-week Meditation Series of Self-Caregiving Exploration

Wednesday evening 6-8pm
Oct 10, 17, 24, 31
Capacity: 18
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Do you find it challenging to transition from summer to fall/winter time? Are you interested in gaining more creative tools and tapping into collective wisdom in response to the need for healing practices during seasonal transition? Healing Each-other Radically Everyday is a 4-week series of • guided meditation • followed by group discussion, and a different creative activity each week centring on seasonal self-care practices. Chai & vegan snacks provided.

This series, facilitated by Priya, will guide participants to set intentions and give ideas about ways to manifest self care routines and practices. The Yoga Nidra informed guided meditation (one-hour) will offer a time to go inward, to reflect in a gentle way and to give space to any sensation that comes up. The meditation will include breath awareness, full body scan, relaxation, setting affirmations and some lovingkindness visualization. The one hour sit in silence helps accessing a safe place in the mind and getting to a peaceful state.

Each week, the circle discussion (30 minutes) to follow will explore themes of self care, affects of the season, and practical strategies shared by the collective. At the end of each session, a creative activity (20 minutes) related to a self care practice will be facilitated. This may include exploring our different senses, making mandalas, mini altars, or generating affirmations for the week.

Discussion themes for the 4 weeks:
week 1 — grounding: introduction to the workshop series and the practice of meditation; of arriving to a safe place of loving intention in the midst of our own day-to-day challenges (air)
week 2 — rooting: of recognizing our supports through deepened inward reflection and gentle ancestral connection (earth)
week 3 — watering: of nurturing habitually and choosing self-compassion over judgement (water)
week 4 — thriving: a close to the series, but a heart opening of external intention; of letting go and honouring our authentic selves without fear of burning out (fire)

This space prioritizes BIPOC folks, and is open to all.

At the end of the series, you may develop a sense of confidence in applying different skills, activities, and creative entry points to your daily self care practice, including some meditation techniques.

No experience in meditation required. Bolsters, chairs and yoga mats are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own cushion.
$100, $80, $60, or $40 for the series
There are limited spots for each price option. Please consider paying as much as you can and let us know which rate you can pay at info@sixdegreeshealth.ca after you sign up online.
We need 3 people to pay $100, 3 people to pay $80, 4 people to pay $60, and 2 people to pay $40 to cover the cost of the series. When 12 people sign up, we can offer 6 more spots to BIPOC folks at a PWYC rate.
RSVP online: https://sixdegreeshealth.janeapp.com/
About Priya:

Priya is an interdisciplinary artist and yogi interested in the process of art + mindfulness practices and their potential as forms of healing. Their practice engages with: collage, mandala making, conversations around the dinner table, interventional rituals, performance, and ephemeral medium such as wax and fire to create spaces of meditation. Priya’s main focus throughout their work is about creating accessibility across disciplines, community engagement, mindfulness, and promoting collective care – especially for people who are racialized and for those who struggle with mental health challenges. They are founder of the h e r e (Healing Each-other Radically Everyday) collective and ACHAAR (an on-going open collaboration addressing the role food plays in triggering and resolving cultural identity crises). They are currently residing between tkaronto and tio’tiah:ke on turtle island (otherwise known as Toronto and Montréal, Canada). priyazoejain.com
About h e r e :
h e r e (Healing Each-other Radically Everyday) is an initiative to support all those who have interests in art, mental health and social justice.

h e r e works toward transformative and sustainable community engagement in a way that: responds to an urgency toward inter-generational healing, recognizes emotional labour and honours the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour).

h e r e aims to create ((anti-oppressive)) community spaces involving healers, artists, activists and educators who themselves require collective nurturing.

h e r e values accessibility through sharing ((resources + intersectional research)) on mental health and by connecting people together.

h e r e organizes events that centre around skill sharing, meditative art practices, curatorial projects, workshops and collective discussions.
Poster photo credit: Priya Zoe Jain
Portrait photo credit: Anika I.V @imagineviolet