Adult Orphan Grief Group (6 weeks)
6 week Adult Orphan Grief Group

with Lamia Gibson and Caroline Meyer, ND

This group spans over 6 weeks though we meet only for 4.  We will work with the book “Death Benefits: How losing a parent can change an adults life for the better” along with our collective wisdom, Acupuncture and meditation.

Lamia And Caroline (Naturopath and reiki practitioner) are grateful to join together and co-host this series.  We both can offer you lived experience and professional support as we explore the impacts of becoming parentless as adults.  Loneliness, freedom, confusion, responsibility…. many aspects of life shift and change as we move into this time in our lives.

We really encourage you to reach out: if you have questions please email Lamia.

​​​​​​​Sign up early to save a spot:

Date: Feb 2 – March 9, 2017

We will meet on Feb 2, 16 and Mar 2 & 9 (6:30-9:30pm).  Feb 9 & 23 are held for reading and reflection time, so please consider this series a 6 week group and reserve that time for yourself.

Cost: $200 / $250 / $300, as much as you could afford
($16.66 / $20.83 / $25 / hr)
in addition to acupuncture coverage this also has naturopathy coverage.
If 10 people sign up 2 people can attend for free. We hope to turn no one away, please contact us if you need further financial accommodation beyond the sliding scale offered.