Community Bodywork
Cupping, one type of bodywork services you could receive on a sliding scale as Six Degrees

Cupping, one type of bodywork services you could receive on a sliding scale as Six Degrees


Adrienne Mak


Times Available

Tuesday 1-7 (last appointment starts at 6:30 for returning clients and 6:15 for new clients)


30 min: $30-60 sliding scale
60 min: $60-120 sliding scale
There is an additional $15 assessment fee if you are a new client at Six Degrees. You session will be 45 minutes long including the initial assessment.

Please note there will be no Community Bodywork from Feb 21 to March 8. Sessions will resume on March 14th.

There are four modalities of community bodywork that we offer at Six Degrees: Gua Sha (scraping), Tui Na Massage, Cupping and Acupressure. They are all part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and now we are able to offer them on a sliding scale!

What are these modalities?

Cupping: We use cups with a suction effect to move Qi & Blood, to clear heat and release pain and tension. This helps with muscle tension, headaches, insomnia & recovering from colds & flus.

Gua Sha (scraping): We use spoons and “scrape” the skin to release the Tension & Heat. This can sound rough, but it is no rougher than a good, strong massage.

Acupressure: Using our thumbs, fingers and palms we apply pressure to acupuncture points to stimulate their function, great for body pain, stress, and general well being.

Tui Na Massage: Chinese Massage. Using gentle to heavy pressure and technique we release Stagnant Qi, Body tension and pain and offer deep relaxation.

These treatments are 30 minutes in length. In different ways these treatments offer relief from pain, tension, headaches, insomnia and stress. Some of them are also key to recovering from Lung infection or are best for clearing colds and flus.

If you are a new client at Six Degrees please select “First Community Bodywork” on the online booking system so that we can properly assess your health balance and determine which modality is best for your particular condition.