Body Wisdom and Reiki Vibes

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Author: Jocelynn Rodrigues

The body is wise and perpetually seeks healing. If you get a scrape, your body gets to work to heal the wound immediately –regardless of whether you are consciously focused on it*. The body does not contemplate worthiness or value, it does not blame or hold resentment; it heals. This is an act of love. That which does the healing is greater than our conscious mind yet we are not separate from this innate force and it is not limited to the physical. Emotional wounds, which can be compounded over time, can feel like a heavier burden because our mind and thought patterns, particularly stories we learned to tell about ourselves or about our environment, become entangled within. Over time, the energy and flow in our beings can become heavy, stagnant, or stuck. This may cloud the ability to witness our divine perfection in each and every moment.

Reiki, a Japanese phrase made up of Rei, spiritual consciousness, and Ki, life force energy, supports your body’s innate healing mechanisms. Reiki creates space within our being, helping the body de-stress and relax. Reiki can support us to let go of stories that may no longer serve us – whether from earlier in our life or from what we may have picked up energetically in our day to day. Reiki breaks up long standing internalized patterns, imprints, and ways of being that, at one point, may have been necessary but are now no longer helpful. Because Reiki is deeply relaxing, it allows our nervous system a chance to re-set and come back into equilibrium.  For folks who are highly sensitive (myself included) Reiki is especially beneficial.  In a nutshell, Reiki helps remove whatever might be getting in the way of your being doing what it knows how to do best – heal.

Personally, I grew up having internalized a lot of stories about myself, because of my environment, that I later realized were out of alignment with who I really was. I have come to realize that these experiences were there to activate me into my own power. All of this was initially not part of my conscious awareness because I had grown up stewing in it, it was my ‘normal’. Some key messages that were present were that the world was not a safe place and that it was too risky to shine bright – aka, to be my full self. To add some perspective, I used to work as a Chartered Accountant in a large accounting firm (I still love accounting, do not fret). I was working long hours and feeling incredibly burnt out and disconnected. I started to feel like this was not why I came here, but I was also really afraid. I knew there was more out there, but fear can feel powerful. Reiki helped support my journey and over time I found the courage to follow that which made me come alive, and I am so grateful for that.  Reiki helped me unhook from these internalized ideas in ways I cannot fully articulate because it is beyond language. New ways of looking at the world opened up, my body felt spacious; I felt lighter and freer – safer to be me in my fullest expression. It has been such a gift, and the journey continues. And, I am so excited to keep sharing the awesomeness that is Reiki.

This may sound like a lot, as I am talking about significant life shifts – know that it does not have to be that way for you. This was what I was seeking so that is how it unfolded. Reiki respects free will and works with you and what you want, it is always your decision – you are the guide. Reiki is great if you are going through something big but there also does not need to be any specific issue you are navigating to benefit from Reiki. It is a great complement to anyone’s experience, offering space to relax and unwind. 

If you have any questions – feel free to send me an email info@yoursoulsintention.com. I am offering Reiki at Six Degrees on Monday evenings from 3-9pm starting April 1, 2019. You can book online or send me a text or email. See you soon! :)

*A few years ago I was looking for a roommate. During the search I met an amazing human who shared with me learnings from a spiritual quest that they had been on. At the time it felt a bit random because social conventions like “people who come to look at rooms for rent do not sit and have long chats” [said robotically], fluttered in my mind. Bypassing that convention, I listened with intrigue. We ended up having a very long chat. The wisdom they shared with me that night has forever imprinted on my soul and every now and then I find myself pondering the notions they shared, going deeper into my gratitude for our body’s wisdom.

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